Good News! Grand Opening!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A doctor. A pilot. A gospel preacher. These are the answers we commonly heard in Uganda.

Few get to fulfill their dreams, because education is still for the privileged. Yet despite that, a young man who didn’t grow up in a privileged home, who grew up without parents or a family who loved him, is beginning to fulfill his dream and God’s destiny for his life.

At 23, Francis is opening his own medical clinic. How does a young man who was once an orphan boy do that? God.

Francis looks forward not only to treating patient’s bodies, but also their souls. Employing a model known as Community Health Evangelism (CHE), Francis and his staff will be visiting the surrounding community, laying hands on the sick and praying for their recovery, and offering free health training classes at the clinic. In all of this his first priority is to lead people straight to the Christ who saved him, to the Father of the Fatherless who defended him.

In order for Francis to open the doors to his clinic, he is required by the Ministry of Health to hire two additional assistants. To prove he is a legitimate employer, he needs to have 2 to 3 months salary for these employees in an escrow account. At $175 a month, it’s not an amount that is out-of-reach in our western culture.

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