Gulu, Uganda


Northern Uganda  is a place that has been ravaged by war for more than two decades!  For their safety, people were herded into internally displaced persons concentration camps (IDP).  During this period, the people went through untold sufferings as rebels raided villages and abducted young girls for sexual slaves, and young boys were conscripted into rebel ranks.  They were told to commit heinous atrocities on their own relatives.  They could dismember, rape, kill, land mine roads, burn houses, steal and so much more.  A miracle has happened, and this war is over.  It, however, has left behind a devastated community.



Pastor Expirito’s ministry in Gulu and the surrounding area works to  restore and reconstruct not only the people but the communities.  They conduct evangelistic  and prayer rallies to handle the spiritual aspect of life.  They minister to all age groups of the vulnerable that they may not starve to death and they clothe them.  Where resources permit, they sink boreholes to provide safe water.  To some elderly who have no one to help, they have gone the extra mile to provided shelter.  By ministering to their needs physically and spiritually, they have seen so many come to Christ.

Your support through Remember the Poor assists this ministry to provide resources to help rebuild these communities through digging wells for clean water, building schools and shelter, buying land to farm crops, and most importantly giving hope by sharing the love of Christ. Partnership with this community brings both good to humanity and glory to God.



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