Nkumba, Uganda

Hannington Seggy is a Social Worker from Uganda who has committed his life to working with the underprivileged in his community.  Growing up seeing poverty and suffering around him, he dreamt of making change in Uganda and beyond.  He joined the Red Cross Club at 14 years of age where he helped others, and he never looked back. In order to further help others, Seggy served on several non-profit organization boards.

In 2010 he started the New Dawn Africa Foundation to give a new meaning of life to children living with HIV/AIDS and empower women living with HIV/AIDS, and he got married to An Vanderheyden.  Currently, they are living in Uganda where they help others and extend the kingdom of God.


New Dawn Foundation is located in Nkumba , Entebbe, and is a Christian non-profit organization  providing nutritional, educational, and general care to orphans, street children, and other extremely vulnerable individuals—especially those affected or infected with HIV/AIDS and other serious conflicts in Uganda.

We do feel that the purpose of attainment of our goals and objectives is to cultivate a genuine and responsible sense of unity, cooperation, dignity among all people, and we promote the general welfare of all members of the communities we operate in.

We do provide healthy food packages to children living with HIV/AIDS, and we run a beauty school for women and youth in our community.  Furthermore, we teach women and children to make crafts, and we also run tailoring school.  We do believe these different skills give the women an opportunity to find or start jobs on small scale thereby giving them an opportunity to care for their families.

In time, we plan to buy and own property to set up a carpentry school, grow our own food, and build a health center.  We also plan to strengthen our beauty school.  Through these plans, we will be able to help others while sharing Jesus.


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