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What were you doing in 1986?
In 1986, I was 16, and looking for a part-time job.  At 51st and Bell Road in Arizona, Swensens Ice Cream Parlour had opened.  I wanted to apply for a job, but that massive building (haha) might as well have been Donald Trump’s high rise in my eyes.
I was intimidated.
Not to worry, Dad to the rescue.  My dad went to the interview with me, met the manager, and helped me land a job that I held for 5 years.  Looking back, what manager wouldn’t hire the teenage girl who brings her daddy to the interview with her?!
In 1992, a bouncing baby boy was born on the other side of the world.  Francis. Different color.  Different language.  Different circumstances.  Much different circumstances.  By the age of 1, both his mother and father had died of AIDS.  His uncle took him in for 2 years, but abused him, even putting his little hands in fire to burn them.  Francis still bears the scars.
He was then taken into an orphanage….which eventually folded due to the economic downfall following Sept, 11, 2001.  Then came Bethel orphanage…which also eventually folded due to financial troubles.  We had met Francis in 2006, so when Francis was no longer able to stay at Bethel, the Defender of the Fatherless moved us to help him complete nursing school.
And now there’s 3 years of medical school at $2,000 a semester (which includes room and board, tuition, books, etc).  There’s no mom and dad to help him fill out applications, cheer him on, give him a warm bed and food or go to interviews with him.  Unlike America, there are no jobs available to students attending school.  So there is no way for him to earn his own money while completing medical school.
We’re finding we need help supporting him through medical school.  And wondering who’s next in God’s line-up of care for Francis?  We certainly only have been a small part of his story.
If you’d like to contribute once or if you’d like to stand with Francis during the whole 3 years of school, if you’d like to give a little or a lot, we’d love to have you join us.  Will you let us know by emailing us at:
So thankful for the body of Christ, and for Christ himself, the head, in whom the whole body is united and held together by every ligament with which it is supplied. As each individual part does its job, the body builds itself up in love.  (Eph 4:16)
Francis- 2014
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