Martina’s Home! First Two Rooms are Complete

Shared by Cindy May and Pastor Experito

Below is an email Pastor Experito sent along with a photo of the first two rooms of Martina’s home, which have been completed enough for them to move in.  I think possibly the most exciting thing in this photo is the water tank that you see off to the left.  The rain water from the iron sheet roofing collects in this container…and thus, hours of hauling dirty water are completely eliminated.

As the house is expanded, more iron sheet roofing will be added, and more water collected. So exciting!

Email from Experito:

We have been taught by our Lord Jesus, that we freely receive and freely we give…You have been on the fore in that regard we are emulating.

Martina is all smiles upon completion of her two roomed house. She is arranging a grand entrance….It is exciting to behold  her as she moves up and down celebrating gratefully.





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