Pictures of Martina’s Home….In Progress!

Shared by Drea Thiele and Cindy May
Hi Drea,
Martina has a different story to tell in Koch Goma. Every day people come to see whether the house built is really hers, at her advanced age.
We are going to put in a water harvest tank for her. There is no bounds with the joy Martina currently curries. Many thanks and abundant blessings to the faithful donors for this incredible life changing experience in Martina’s family.
In a couple of weeks, a small team will be traveling to Koch Goma to visit Pastor Experito and his family, as well as Martina.  We always like to take gifts, and asked Experito what they would enjoy.  If you’d like to purchase any gifts, please see the list below and email us to let us know what you’d like to donate.  Items can be dropped off or mailed to the Thiele home in Surprise, Arizona.
Hi Drea,
Thank you for your usual concerns in that you have always come to Africa NEVER empty handed. Much as our thoughts matter in making it possible for you to know what might be a priority to put in the suitcase for your other family in Africa. Experience has taught me that you have always been much in the spirit and have done much more than what would be our shopping list. However,we have never lost appetite for both creamy and crunchy peanut butter, kids wear and their no tears Top to Toe Wash has been amazing!!!  The Adult and kids lotion are another story…..undergarments as well as outfits, bring another flavor to our life. Suits and t-shirts are a tale always to tell.
Many Thanks,
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