Faith in Action

Shared by Andrea Thiele

I had a SKYPE call from Cyrus 2 days ago. His heart was broken from caring for 10 children from Naykembene. He said that if we were there we would surly cry. He found some kids by the river and the children had nearly starved to death, and have no clothes and are very dirty. He took the 10 home to feed them and bathe them. I began to pray about it after our call, and found myself in tears. We don’t “face” that kind of tragedy on a daily bases, or on a yearly basis for that matter. We are hidden from starvation, abuse, homelessness. It is rare that we see a child sitting on the side of the road, begging for food (I have never seen one, except with a parent and then maybe only 3 times in my life in the US). I had to cry out to God, literally.

He is the only one who saves! God you are the one who provides what these children need, help us, help them! I asked myself the question, “What would I do, in Cyrus’ shoes?” I would do the SAME thing. I would bring the 10 children home and then ask, no beg, humbly for help from Jesus and my Christian comrades who had more than enough to help me and the kids. There is no way I could turn my back and leave them in that condition, Cyrus couldn’t either.

I asked the Lord to provide in every way for these children, then began to tell him the task is so BIG. Who are we? Kenya, Uganda, Africa is so big full of hunger, homelessness and disease. Who are we? He reminded me, we are to take steps of obedience, he loves these kids more then me, more than Cyrus, MORE! He just wants us to obey and trust Him. To me the task seems so daunting  at times. Then he reminded me that Abraham’s faith was accredited to him as righteousness, and was made complete in action! Romans 4:3, Hebrew 11:17, James 2:22

I say all of this to encourage you for the task at hand, so that we don’t become weary of the calling. Sometimes I know that I can become weary of trying to figure out where the money is going to come from, or how we can do one more thing. This was timely for me today, hopefully it will encourage you as well.

Blessing to you dear friends,


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  1. What help do you need?

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