Martina’s Joy Update

Shared by Cindy May and Andrea Thiele

You may remember the earlier post about a widow named Martina.
Thanks to your gifts, we have had the privilege of sending $5,000 to begin construction on her home.  This isn’t just a larger home with room for 15 children to sleep.  It is clean water.  It is health.  It is opportunity for schooling.
The iron sheets that will eventually be installed as the roof of her home will collect rain water in a large tank.  The water will then be filtered for use. (This is the same system that Experito and Justine now have…again thanks to your generosity!).  Because the water will always be filtered and clean, health issues will be greatly reduced.  And because the children won’t have to haul water, they will save precious calories and have time to attend school.
A little love goes a long, long way.
Enjoy this video!  Pictures of construction will follow soon.
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