Imagine all the People

Frank and I would looooooooooove to be living in Africa, but constrained by my health, we are here until the Lord opens those doors.

Not being there, I imagine what it will be like to bring food to 3500 hungry people in the 5 villages in Teso.  I imagine sharing a meal with Mr. Eugenio, who had not eaten in 3 days when Seggy saw him last week.

And really, I imagine bringing them a decent meal…no a feast.  Daily I have a feast set before me.  I want that for them.  More than just maize and beans, I’d like to bring eggs and mango, too.  I suppose none of us would even call that a feast.

So far, the Teso fund has $5592.  $40,000 to go (for maize and beans).  $11.42 will feed each person for about 3 weeks.

I imagine, I hope, I dream, I pray we can feed God’s people in Teso.

Imagine this scene.  You die tonight and you’re standing before the Judge.  You have $9000 (or $45,000) in your savings or retirement account, and you have a choice.  You can feed an entire village (or 5 entire villages), or you can hang onto the money, playing it safe, in case someday, you might need it.  What if someday never happens? Imagine the joy of standing before Jesus and hearing “WELL DONE!”

The short (and funny) video below talks about this very thing–playing it safe or living what the world might call a crazy life for Him.

Jesus commended the poor widow who gave everything.  He said the rest gave out of their wealth, but she put in everything, all she had to live on.

For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends. 2 Cor 10:18

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