I have been informed by two different people (seriously) that this is the sound a goat makes: “Maaaa–aaaaaa-aaaaaaaaa”.  So for all you parents who are teaching your children animal noises, you can add this to your repertoire 🙂

Below is an e-mail received from a goat donor.  He’s a pastor in a small, rural community.  This year he received what he described as the “best birthday present ever.”

I am extremely pleased to share with you some good news.  When I was asked by my wife what I wanted for my birthday, I told her I would really like to buy a goat or two for our sponsored child.  Well, little did I know that she was working behind the scenes sharing my desire with our church family as well.

Today after church we had a potluck/BBQ with the church family and they presented me with a very nice cake and a card. When I opened the card there was an envelope inside that said, ” Pastor, here is some money to help you with your goat fund.”  When I was finished crying, I opened it and counted what was there, and I am happy to say that by adding it to the “goat and a half” I already had saved, the Lord has blessed us with the ability to purchase 5 goats.

All I can say is that this is the best birthday present I ever received! Praise the Lord!!!

Another goat donor wrote the following to her friends on her facebook page:

I’m buying myself a goat for my birthday and am letting a little girl in Uganda take care of it.  It’s not good that a goat should be alone.  If anyone wants to buy me a birthday present, my goat needs a friend, they like to travel two-by-two 🙂   One goat costs $75.  It will help a child in an orphanage in Uganda.

To date, two dozen goats have been donated to sponsored children!  Click here to read more about giving a goat to a child.

Allan, Miria Muzaana, Reuben Kibazo, Janat Namukwaya, John Bosco Kalyango, Richard Keeya, Emma Isabirye, Babu Moses, Sanyu Saidat, Daniel Kasi, Gorret Nazziwa

Allan Kisakye, Miria Muzaana, Reuben Kibazo, Janat Namukwaya, John Bosco Kalyango, Richard Keeya, Emma Isabirye, Moses Babu, Saidat Sanyu, Daniel Kasi, Gorret Nazziwa

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 19:14

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