“Jesus said that the GREATEST commandment besides loving the Lord God with all my heart, mind, and soul is to love my NEIGHBOR as myself. Doesn’t that mean, then, that I should be spending as much on my neighbor as I do on myself and my family? Doesn’t that mean that I should feed my neighbor as well as I feed myself? It has hit me very hard this week, I DO love my neighbor, but I love myself more. TRUTH: that is not ok.”~ Katie Davis, AMAZIMA Ministries February 22, 2009 post

Swap-It Update:              371,511 meals

GOAL:                           2,200,000 meals

Each meal is 4.5 cents.  The Swap-It Project is providing money to create the orphanage farm, which will feed 2000 children. .. and then some!  Another 10 acres has just been added as well as the first goat pens (YEAH!!!)…drilling for water is next on the list.  SWAPPIN’-STORIES coming up next week!

Nkumba girl doing dishes

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