This post/idea borrowed from Tom Davis of Children’s HopeChest with permission.

Ok everyone…it’s the summer! We all know what that means – time for some fun, right? As we enjoy time with friends and family, please remember that there is an urgent food crisis in Uganda and throughout most of Africa right now—remember the boy who hadn’t had an egg in 5 years?  Others go without eating for one day, two days, three days…  THAT is the epitome of raw hunger—and we can DO something about it!Uganda

This is not meant to be a guilt trip of any kind but an opportunity for us to creatively find ways to give food to these families who are hungry and weak as we begin our days full of energy and well-fed.

How about we swap something we have planned this week (or summer) in order to feed these precious, hungry people. Are you in? Here are some ideas:

Who has plans to go out for lunch or dinner this week? Would you consider swapping your meal(s) out to feed the hungry? Get this: The $50 dinner that you swap can provide 1,111 nutritious meals! A $150 dinner, 3,333 meals.

Who is planning on shopping for new summer clothes this weekend? Would you consider swapping your shopping?!  Save $75 in shopping, and provide another 1,667 meals for the orphanage in Uganda!

Who has a mani-pedi or any other spa/salon service planned? Would you swap it out to show the love of Jesus?  There’s another 888-1,777 meals.

eating posho and beans

Who is planning on paying a babysitter so you can go out this weekend? How about swapping babysitting services with a friend so that you both can donate the money you saved? A $40 savings in babysitting can provide 888 meals for the orphanage!!

Who is looking forward to that Saturday morning coffee at the coffee shop? How about swapping your $5.00 coffee drink for 111 meals for hungry people? Incredible, huh?!

Who has plans to catch a movie this weekend? How about swapping a movie night out (2 tickets & popcorn) for 667 meals?? Hard to believe that sacrificing one movie can give so many people food!

Planning a road trip or a vacation with a stay at hotels? Stay at cheaper hotels, spend one less night, skip a road trip…and with a savings of $200, swap out for 4,440 meals.

Who is planning a trip to the local ice cream shop? How about swapping your $10 ice cream visit to fill provide 222 meals?Just received dinner-Nkumba food program

Here’s the scoop 🙂  We’re working with John, Seggy & Mark and the other leaders at Nkumba to grow food that will feed the children for a lifetime.  We are raising $100,000 (2.2 million meals) that will provide another 20 acres of farm land, irrigation for all 50 acres, (last crop of maize died), a tractor, a small used car to get to the land, 700 avocado and mango trees, 700 fig, citrus and nut trees, 1000 chickens, 8 milking cows, 4 milking goats, a BIG kitchen (has to be big to cook for 2000 kiddos!), and, oh yes, a home—stables and coops—for the chickens, cows and goats.

When we feed 2000 children 3 meals a day for an entire year, it breaks down to 4.5 cents a meal. The cool thing is, this will feed them not just for a year, but for a lifetime!

This SWAP-IT challenge is going out on Facebook as well.  Invite your friends (see the link at the sidebar) to join the Facebook group.  The more, the merrier!  Then twitter it, tweet it, post it on your status update, forward this blog post or just plain old talk about it!

We will be updating the blog and FB with the number of meals raised.  You can comment on the blog or e-mail Cindy or Jenell with what you’re swappin’.  We’ll be swappin’ stories, too…what fun this will be!

For donation information, click here.

I came that they may have LIFE and have it ABUNDANTLY! John 10:10

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6 Responses to SWAP IT!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Are there really 750 people on the list? If so, that’s only $133/person to get to $100,000. We could do that in a day if everyone did it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be swapping all of the birthday money I’m receiving to “buy myself something special.” Normally that would be a massage, pedicure and new summer clothes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We will be swapping a variety of things this summer…

    pb&j for lunch 2 x week – I used to think this was a bit of a cop-out, but it is reasonably nutritious and inexpensive. I think of the mothers in Uganda who would be so thankful to be able to have pb&j for their children. We will be swapping those for the ham & cheese, or tuna we would normally eat.

    iced coffees that I love so much… I bought some ice brewed espresso I can keep in the fridge. For the price of 2 Starbucks, I can have 1-2 coffees a week for two months! (Just not as convenient 🙂 )

    Taking the kids out for a treat after swimming or errands- swapping it for homemade snowcones. Very inexpensive and they love them!

    Swimming lessons – with two beginning swimmers, we would normally be doing swimming lessons. Instead I am going to have to be instructor… for yet another thing 🙂

    Rice night once per week… a good time to talk with the kids about those who are happy to have anything at all to eat..

    More swaps to come…

  4. Anonymous says:

    We were going to go to a worship concert by David Crowder…We decided to buy the CD on iTunes and donate the differance…
    We were also planning a day at Valley Fair in Minnesota, but we will donate the 50 dollar admission and just spend a day together walking in the park…
    80 dollars so far…looking for more

  5. Carol says:

    I just celebrated my birthday and my husband swapped a gift for me for meals for hungry children in Uganda. Just imagine hundreds of smiling faces on the children there rather than just my smiling face here. 🙂

    I also received a gift check which I will be swapping for more meals for our precious orphans.

  6. Bill says:

    I sometimes stop for a coffe at Circle K when I am out early on Tuesday mornings. I decided to swap those coffees for meals for the orphans and widows.

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