One year ago today

One year ago today, Fred Bukenya, a leader with Nkumba Ministries, and also the man earmarked as the future pastor of the church at Nkumba, was in a terrible accident.  A lorry crashed into their vehicle, and Fred was severely injured.  It was unknown for several months whether he would regain brain function or the use of his eyes.

Today, one year later, he has written a letter of thanks to John Mugabi.  It’s so good, I thought I’d share it.  It gave me a little glimpse into the life of this man Fred, whom I have yet to meet.

Fred with his wife--In the last month, Fred was sponsored to attend seminary!

Fred with his wife--In the last month, Fred was sponsored to attend seminary!

Letter from Fred Bukenya to John Mugabi

Hezekiah was informed by Isaiah, a servant of God, that his time had come and so he had to die!!! Imagine a situation like this! He was a faithful servant of the Lord, and on hearing this looked nowhere else but to the Mighty giver of life. After many cries in prayer, The LORD extended his life with numerous years.Wow!!!

The wonderful Savior had helped him not necessarily that he would not die but this extension did a lot of good to the person of Hezekiah and the nation of Israel at large. It did help him check his standing before The Almighty. 2 Kings 20:1-11.

Fred, one year ago

Fred, one year ago

Its now 365 days ever since God gave me a second chance!!!!. To many people my life seemed gone.

During this time in the hospital, I could do nothing that Hezekiah did, but many, led by a servant of God called Mugabi John, did it for me!!!

Numerous prayers were forwarded to Him who gives life in abundance and I survived.

Pastor imagine the provisions The Almighty enabled you do for me on my death bed. The spirit you put to manifest can only be paid back by the Almighty.

One thing I want to say to you brother is that I can never repay what you did with others materially, but I believe and trust the Lord for his numerous provisions towards you brethren.

Brother, words alone cannot show my gratefulness in abundance, but I promise sincerity towards every ministry work. Besides He did this not because I was  good, but all by His grace.Fred recovering

Like it helped Hezekiah check his standing before the Almighty, I seek his grace to help me check well my standing before Him and maintenance of life as desired by Him.

May the Lord bless you Pastor, the Elders, the brothers who stood with me at the hospital and the entire church community. YOU DID A FORMIDABLE JOB.
Matthew 25:34-40

Brother Fred

Fred at school

Fred at school

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