Christmas Blessing

Shared by Seggy

“Uncle Seggy, I am so delighted that God has heard my prayers and am at a loss of words,” said Sarah’s mother when I approached her to let her know that a family in Canada wanted to support her daughter in any way possible.

Fast backward, in October 2013 Tom McDougall traveled —for the first time—to Uganda on a baseball mission. He arrived as a stranger but within days we became good friends. We chatted in the car and as we drove around Uganda I shared with him information on the New Dawn Africa foundation and what we did there.

Then on Saturday morning he joined me and my wife (An) at the Foundation and he volunteered to pack the food packages and play with the kids. There was this outstanding little beautiful, charming girl who kept close to Tom and asked him a lot of questions. Later that evening Tom asked me about Sarah, though I didn’t know much about her family.

On his return back to the comforts of Canada, Tom still felt connected to Sarah and wanted to help out. Tom’s wife, Christy and kids, were excited and they fell in love with Sarah even though she lived thousands of miles away from them. They then asked me to find out more information about Sarah’s family and this is what I found out (which was very touching to me):

– Her Mother is called Stella and she has 3 boys ( 20yrs, 18yrs, 12 yrs ) and 2 girls ( 16yrs, 10yrs ).

– She is HIV positive and lost her husband to AIDS in 2006. Her husband’s family treated her badly after his  death and chased her away together with the children. The family has not been supportive in any way.

– She has struggled a lot to have her children go to school and be fed.

-She works at a flower company which is located about 2kms from New Dawn.

– She earns $24 per month working all seven days from 7am to 7pm.

-She said that Sarah is very much discriminated by their neighbors because she has HIV/AIDS.

-She struggles to have time with her children yet at the same time she has to work.

-At the moment she has problems with her eyesight and she believes its due to the chemicals she uses to spray on the Rose Flowers at the company.

Fast forward, to right before Christmas.

The McDoughall family decided to give a treat to Sarah’s family. They provided them with new mattresses, blankets, clothes and 2 pairs of shoes for each family member. They also provided them with chicken, beef, and lots of food to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Happiness engulfed the family upon receiving these gifts, at a time they much needed them and less expected them.

In Ugandan culture Christmas is much celebrated and it’s a time when parents must buy new clothes for their kids and feed them well.  Beef, Chicken, and soda are a big treat here. Many people only get to eat them on Christmas or at wedding parties. They praised God for such a blessing from afar.

Sarah is now assured of joining a better school this year and will enjoy life just like any other kid. We at New Dawn are moved and humbled by such acts of pure love; these are some of the things we are thankful for in 2013.

We don’t need lots of money to make smiles, we don’t need to know people before we help them, we don’t have to wait for Christmas to give a gift, all we need is to ACT in any way possible at any time and share the LOVE.


Saraha (in red jacket) with her sister Rose.


The ramshackled 1 room house where Saraha and her family stay.


The mattresses for the family.

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