Francis Chan and David Platt– Nov 9 or 10–in your living room or your church

Shared by Cindy May

Attention everyone! A Free Webstream event is taking place and you don’t want to miss it!  David Platt and Francis Chan will be speaking live from Birmingham, AL or San Francisco, CA. This is something you may want to watch with your small group, your friends, your church or your family.  Trust me you wont be disappointed, please register by clicking here.

I am sharing this webstream with you because in 2009, Frank came home with something he wanted me to watch. He had read an article in Christianity Today about David Platt, the pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama. After reading the article, Frank watched the message that Christianity Today had dubbed “the most powerful sermon in the history of the Southern Baptist Pastor’s Convention.” Frank watched it again with me. Later Cara Murry came to visit and we watched it yet again. Then we watched it with our board members, and I just watched it again today. I don’t know how many times I have watched this sermon over the last several years, but every time I hear even the beginning of it, I am fully engaged and ready for more.

After watching this message, we then delved into Platt’s message-series, RADICAL and Faith Works, which are gripping, compelling, and anything but boring. David Platt unapologetically speaks truth. We think so highly of these message series that you will see links to them at the side bar at the right side of the web site.  We would encourage everyone to watch just one message, and see if you aren’t drawn like a moth to a flame to watch more 🙂

Below are Platt’s SBC message and one of Chan’s most famous messages.  I hope you’ll have time to enjoy these with your family or small group.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.  If you only have a few minutes and you want to worship, listen to the first 3 minutes of Platt’s message and hear Psalm 148 through 150 like you’ve never heard it before.

David Platt’s message to the SBC convention:

One of Francis Chan’s most famous, funny, and entertaining (but not empty) messages.  Lukewarm and lovin’ it:

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