Holy Grounds

Dear Friends of Remember The Poor,

It has been far too long since you have heard from us, and we apologize for that. The co-founders and heartbeat of Remember The Poor, Frank and Cindy May, have been battling with Cindy’s health for the past several years. Unfortunately, none of us stepped up to fill in the gap and fill her shoes (IMPOSSIBLE), and communication has suffered.

One of our amazing ministry partners in Uganda is Experito Bulamu. Experito and his lovely wife Justine minister in Northern Uganda–both in Gulu and in Koch Goma…and they have a vision!

From RTP: Koch Goma is in the bush. Two hours from the small city of Gulu, it is remote, without access to roads, clean water/running water, internet or electricity.

More than clean water, better food or decent homes, Koch Goma adults together cited their number one desire to be a school for their children. More than 2000 children have no school to attend. We plan to build a school from Kindergarten to High School, complete with clean water wells, boarding facilities for teachers and students, food-grown for students, construction vehicles, and construction of roads and other infrastructure. Estimated Cost is $1.6Million.  

From Experito: We have seen an opportunity to realize this dream with least effort. We would love to grow 50 acres of coffee on our land, whose total acreage is 100 acres. The cost of raising one acres of coffee is $1,000. If we are to raise 50 acres, we need only $50,000.

The return on investment is amazing. From one acre we can obtain $6,000 which can give us $300,000 from our 50 acres– per year. If we start this now, our dream can nearly be realized in only 8 years!!!!!! 

Many Blessings,

Justine and Experito

We do earnestly and heartily support Experito’s vision! We are undertaking the “Holy Grounds” project to see the Koch Goma school become a reality!

I want you to know that, other than bank fees, 100% of your donation goes directly to our ministry partners. All of us at Remember The Poor are volunteers.

Andrea Thiele
U.S. Director
R e m e m b e r  The  P o o r
PO Box 6002
Glendale, AZ 85312

Galatians 2:10 “All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along.”

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