Partyin’ in Gulu, Uganda

Shared by Pastor Experito

Pastor Experito’s church is in Gulu, and each week he and Justine also minister in Koch  Goma, one hour north of Gulu


It gives us profound joy and overwhelming gratitude to God for the way God has kept you through this Christmas season. In Gulu we as well are overwhelmingly grateful for the way God is peacefully making us to celebrate in a way it used not to be because of war and  consequently food un-availability. At least we have what we can put at table these days.

When I was a kid growing  up in the rural setting,  I thought Christmas meant the season where cobwebs were to be removed from dirty houses and bushes cleared of compounds which were overgrown. Its activities which attracted my attention hinged around that. Then came indulging in unusual eating and drinking.

As of now, my understanding of Christmas is of a much different meaning. I feel very grateful to God that my life means  something to this community where love had vanished through the windows of violence. God has restored peace, and we now are busy touching lives with Christ. Kids who grew up in the bush could not easily define Christmas. We have to make kids  love one another through the influence and impact of Christmas. We were happy, Justine and I, to celebrate Christmas with 150 kids in the church compound sharing what God had placed into our hands. This was rice, beans cabbages, meat and juice.

We brought some gospel artists and entertainers as we also cut a cake. The kids played games and enjoyed everything in the atmosphere of love. We were able to raise the funds  to put up this Christmas party for kids by asking members of the church who could sacrifice Christmas day and fast in order to feed the vulnerable. Our food which we were supposed to be eating on Mondays when we fast for Drea’s  baby situation was also added. The party was phenomenal.

Great Blessings,
Hugs and Love.
Justine and Experito


Justine with kiddos


Cutting the celebrated cake




Christmas is Joy.

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