Crying Out!!!

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It is indeed a Happy New year!!!!

You cannot imagine how the year ended on our side. It all began in October on our way from Kochgoma. It was heavily raining and it made the roads so bad that travelling was near impossible. Our car reached a point where it slid off the road and was stuck so that it could neither move forward nor backward. We could not easily obtain help because there were no people around to push the car. Darkness fell and when help was not forthcoming, I left my wife in the car with Carissa, Melissa, and Vanessa and went into the village to get some help. It was mainly elderly ladies whom I met because all the young people had gone out for booze. It was late in the night when drunkards begun returning home. I asked them to help me push the car. It was a very desperate situation because the car had hit a big stone and the fuel tank was damaged and fuel was gushing out. The drunkards could not make any considerable success. To make matters worse the area had no signal strength for any mobile phone network. Upon seeing that no solution was reachable the drunkards decided to quit. At that time I noticed the fuel had emptied and the drunkards had left us in the deep jungle for the night. The girls were now hungry and there was no food anywhere to buy. I got emotional. I cried soooo loud, possible as loud as Joseph when he made himself known to his brethren. This crying miraculously touched the drunkards that they reconsidered not to abandon me until the car was pushed away. They finally succeeded.  When I  drove away I forgot my phone with the drunkards because I had given it to them to flash beneath the car to see where they had to clear. I packed the car and went back to look for them. Thankfully, they were still available. At that time my wife was crying and the kids as well. I came and drove.  As I was driving I noticed a deep ditch  full of water. While trying to cross it water swallowed the entire vehicle and even the engine went off! It was was a nasty experience. That dirty water made its way in the car and all of us got wet. This dirty water affected Mellissa and my daughter so much that she contracted a diseases which even medical doctors failed to cure. We had to resort to intense prayers. Praise be to God that she is recovering. This disease affected her face and the picture below is one of great improvement from the original onset of the disease. Three quarters of her face were breached and contorted!!! It was a nightmare!

Melissa's scared face from the dirty water. Now healing...Praise The Lord

Melissa’s scared face from the dirty water. Now healing…Praise The Lord

Justine and their beautiful daughters

Justine and their beautiful daughters

Martina’s, the widow we built the house for, son has been hospitalized for over two months and hasn’t been able to be home. So even when the rain stopped we could not do work on her house since we couldn’t have workers on the premises when she was not available. Soon work will restart.

The work for the dorm was started and the foundation was raised. Thank you so much for helping us to start.

Foundation for the elementary school being laid

Foundation for the elementary school being laid

Rent for our house was paid up to February 2014. We are so much overwhelmed with gratitude for the money-gram.

Our car had serious mechanical damage owing it to the harsh terrain which it operates. Both the crankshaft and the camshaft broke and replacing them was not cheap. It has been in the garage for over a month. I have used this money-gram sent to get the car out. Now we have the car to use again!!! HALLELUYAH WE ARE SOO HAPPY. WE HAVE BEEN STRUGGLING WITHOUT TRANSPORTATION. WE HAVE BEEN BORROWING HERE AND THERE. May God abundantly reward your kindness always and all ways.

There was a quarantine on animal movements from the place where we were going to purchase our animals for plowing. Once it is lifted we will buy them straight away.

We are excited about farming this year. There shall be increased acreage. Thank you for standing with us to produce food and feed and the starving and the vulnerable.

Inspite of the challenges we’ve experienced, we have managed to have a Christmas party for the least advantaged. The church also raised some bread to give to as we visited homes. Glory to God!

Experito and Children for Christmas Celebration

Experito and Children for Christmas Celebration

Preparing dinner for our celebration

Preparing dinner for our celebration

Children with their bread

Children with their bread

bread for xmas

Bread to pass to the homes we visited

Thank you for being available for us.

Happy new Year. May every break up become a makeup in 2014.

Hugs and Love,

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