How Lovely Are the Feet of Him Who Bring Good News

Shared by Frank and Cindy May

Isaiah 52:7-10

Our dear friend, Naser Rafuna, originally a refugee from Kosovo (Eastern Europe), was recently diagnosed with tuberculosis. He and his entire family are Muslim. His sister, Flora, has been keeping us apprised of his well-being (not good), and we have had the opportunity to text back prayers of Scripture and prayers for healing.

Naser has a Kosovon wife and 3 small children, and live in a 2 bedroom apartment at 67th and Bethany Home in Phoenix. His condition is so serious that doctors have warned him not to work for the next 6 to 12 months. He is back home now, out of the hospital, but unable to be with his children. Flora told us he is “crying every single minute having no way to pay rent.” Their rent is $698/a month. We are asking God to supply those six months worth of rent – that Naser and his family would see, in a physical way, “the salvation of God.” 

If anyone feels led to visit Nasar, we cannot begin to tell you the encouragement that would be to his heart and to his family. The doors are wide open for ministry in this family right now. May the beautiful feet of the body of Christ bring his family the good news of peace, happiness, and salvation!

If you have $698 (or more or less) that you can contribute for rent, utilities, etc., please send the donation to RTP (link to donation page marked “Rafuna Family”) or email Audrey Schultz, Frank’s Assistant, at 100% of all donations will go directly to Naser’s family’s expenses.

Praying you are richly blessed today!

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