I Get The Best Thank-You Notes!

Shared by Cindy May

I receive some of the best thank-you notes! Many Ugandans have a lovely way with words and Fred is no exception.  Fred has helped us with RTP’s sponsored children.  You may recall reading his thank you-note that we shared earlier this year.  When Drea and Bryan take teams of people over to Kenya and Uganda to introduce them to the ministries with which we partner; they and the team members fill their suitcases with gifts and items needed by the ministry leaders. One of the items we never travel without is good ol’ Skippy or Jif Peanut Butter–the 3-pound Costco-sized containers.  Fred was the recipient of two such containers of peanut butter.  I enjoyed how he expressed his delight over this item, new to his palate.  The thank-you extends to all of you, as we either receive donated peanut butter or purchase peanut butter with donated funds.

Here is the thank you letter from Fred….

Once again I am blessed to be communicating with you my dear madam Cindy. How are you and the gentle Frank May doing over there? I pray you are good. On my side I am good and moving on with life. Dear madam Cindy, the essence of this mail is basically to say thank you for what you sent me.

I received two tins of peanut butter. It’s so delicious and sorry for how I am going to sound, but the fact is that you are tempting me to eat a whole loaf of bread, one kilogram in size, given the delicacy of the butter! For sure we do not have that here, for if it was, then I could ill afford to buy it.

It is so delicious and dear madam thanks! For sure I get lost words to express my gratitude. For you always get me introduced to new things. I am grateful dear madam and may the good Lord bless you and your entire family. How I wish to thank you face to face, for I believe, it’s how I can show my gratitude.

Regards to Frank and tell him I miss him.

Love you: Fred Bukenya

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