I Have A Name

Shared by Andrea Thiele

I have a name. I am not just a face among millions. My name is not orphan. It is not, Unloved or Unwanted. I have a name. It is not Cursed, Abandon, or Forgotten. It is not, Overlooked, Disregarded, or Ignored. I have a name!… My name is not 147 Million. I have a name. I am Loved, Important, Needed. I have a name. I am, Necessary, Chosen, Selected. I am, His. I have a name. My name is Dismas John. To sponsor me, please fill out this online form or contact me by clicking here.

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2 Responses to I Have A Name

  1. bethechangekenya says:

    Yes Dismas John! We couldn’t have said it any better! You are not a mere statistics! You are a valuable and unique individual! We must remember that despite their circumstances, these children are not just statistics, but great and wonderful individuals with great potential! They each have a story to tell and a mark to make!

  2. Yes they each have a very unique story to tell. And thank you for your sweet responce! We are blessed by it.

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