Child Sponsors Needed!

Shared by Cindy May

A number of the children/students who were previously sponsored in the Nkumba area, are in need of sponsors.  Several of them are ready to enroll in university, and several are still attending elementary or high schools.  If you would like to sponsor a child, please email me , and we will provide you all the information necessary.

-University fees including room, board, books and tuition are $1500/yr or $125/mo.  Partial sponsors are welcome 🙂

-Elementary and high school fees are $42/mo or $504/yr.

Molly Nvuma:Molly, one of the first 6 children who were sponsored in 2005 (one of “Milly’s kids”) is now 19 years old.  She performed so well in her last year of high school (S6), that she will be readily accepted at University.  She has a partial sponsor of $35/mo.  $90/mo is the remaining need. 

Molly in 2005 at age 12–on the right in the yellow T-shirt.

Dennis Okumu: Denis is 20 years old.  Mark Lubega shared the following:  “Denis studied up to S.6 (the highest class in high school) and graduated in 2011.  He did so well and since then he has been longing to join university but still living at school all through helping with some little work. It was in this situation with the desire to pursue studies that he approached me, having known about the program initially, in search of any opportunity that might prevail.”

Dennis Okumu

Lillian Nakato: Lillian is 12 years old.  Mark Lubega shared the following:  “She became deaf at the age of 4 years after suffering from severer malaria.  The medication they gave her to treat the malaria led to her losing her hearing.  Lillian is the youngest of 14 children, and the parents do not have enough income to send her to school.  She’s a smart girl and with her situation, she was in the school of the blind and deaf, but due to lack of money, she had stopped studying and currently she is kind of regaining the ability to talk some words by recognition of what others are saying and hear.  (I would recommend hearing aids for her.)  She is supposed to be in P.4. (4th grade- primary).  Please if there is any opportunity to get her a sponsor, I highly recommend support for her.” Lillan has past-due fees at the school for the deaf of $230.  We are currently confirming her school fees. 

This photo of Lillian was taken in 2007, at age 7, when she was first sponsored.

2007- pictured with Seggy and Mark in her new school uniform.

Pastor Fred Kyambadde’s 3 sons:  

Pastor Kyambadde – Former Prisoner

In 2008 a GTN team had returned from a pastor’s conference in Uganda.  I was looking through their pictures, and kept noticing this very happy man in a green shirt.  His brightly colored shirt was easy to spot in all the photos.  I was trying to decipher different days of the 5 day conference, but I kept seeing the green shirt, so naturally, I thought they were all photos from one day at the conference.  Finally it occurred to me.  These pictures were from all 5 days.  Pastor Fred had worn the same green shirt every single day.  Some things just hit you hard.

The GTN team reported on their trip, and specifically on Pastor Fred.  They had gone to see his home, and decided to raise funds to help provide a roof and other repairs.  I don’t know what his house looks like today, but this picture is the interior, taken in 2008.

Inside Pastor Freds House – 2008

Pastor Fred is a former prisoner, regenerated by God’s amazing grace.  His boys are not orphans, but they do not have the funds to attend school.  Here is what Mark Lubega wrote:

Seggy and I have been following up Pastor Kyambadde’s Boys and yesterday we found out that the school had turned down the offer of the two boys (Kayima Denis and Kyambadde Hudson) and actually they had been sent out to collect fees. Seggy offered to give me some money as we sort out their case so that we can keep them in school.  (I believe the money Seggy gave is from the money the team had just left with him to support his ministry to AIDS children.) The good news is that during holidays the boys were able to do casual work  and had managed to collect $59, which they have paid as part of their school fees. (The amount due now for an entire term–4 months–is $187 for each boy.)

Hudson Kyambadde: High School
Denis Kayima: High School
Ronald Mutebi: University

6 orphans awaiting sponsorship:
Some of you may recall that Ugandan Orphanage Relief Fund graciously took over our sponsorship program.  Several of the above-named students will be sponsored through UORF.  In addition to the students listed above, there are another 6 waiting for sponsorship at UORF’s site.  You can meet those 6 children here.

Mark Bataringaya

Martin Serunjoji

Moses Tende

Saidat sanyu

Sharon Nanyondo

Jonathan Andrew Yiga

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