“Thank you!”

Shared by Cindy May, Fred and Pastor Experito

The team just returned from their expedition to both Kenya and Uganda, with Seggy Hannington and Mark Lubega as their “tour guides”.  Aside from their personal luggage, there were 12 suitcases full of goodies that were given to the ministry leaders for their ministry and/or personal use.

Multiple thank-you emails have been received.  I share two below that I think you will enjoy–the first one really caught me by surprise.  The “thank-you” of course is to everyone.  Thank you for all the items you bought and donated.  I know it was a real pleasure for the team to be a part of bringing them to Cyrus, Seggy and Mark, and Experito.

Hullo, are you good? I do thank the good Lord who has kept good to this point.

Just wanted to say thank you for the good gifts you sent me. They were delivered to me and I just wanted to say thanks. The good t-shirts, underwear and the cold scaff.

Sorry for what I am going to say, but you gave me brand new underwear, a thing I never exprienced. As I had never had a brand new one, but thank you, for it was something I never expected. It was a real surprise. I looked good in all the stuff you gave me and I just wonder how you got to know about my real size… for I think you have never seen me!!!

May the Good Lord bless you abundantly…

Fred (child sponsorship helper, and friend of Seggy and Mark)

We are seeing the vision for Koch Goma coming to reality. The place is turning  into a place of praise. The surprise of solar power has not left the place the same. There is a parent, Jokodino Okot, by name, who is confessing wherever he goes that this place is the capital city of our village. Solar is lighting our place for the first time in this village.

Thank you soooo…. much for your zealous support of this project. I do not know where Koch Goma would be by now if it weren’t for your earnest prayers and dedicated support. We are forever grateful for your unreserved support.

The visit of the team was a sweet savour. It stimulated all and sundry to great expectation of a better future.

I would love you to send our sincere gratitude to all who made a contribution and donation to Koch Goma School and the church guitar. Also for Justine and myself’s welfare and Carissa. We were thrilled by replenishment of our wardrobe and kitchen with peanut butter and Carissa’s wear. The girl had not been feeling well for some days; but when Justine dressed her with the clothes you sent, she was all smiles and she never was moody again.

Pastor Experito (the solar panels were installed on the teacher’s home at the school.  It is an item that has been on the “to be completed” list whenever funds became available.  Those funds were sent at the time the team arrived in Koch Goma!)

1. Miracle Kids Kindergarten sign

2. Parents bringing water for construction

3. Aggregate

4. Cement

5. Fabrication of doors and windows

6. Brick frame

7. Plastered

8. May 2012- the staff house

9. Jill in front of the staff house

10. Teacher’s dorm

11. Plastic chairs donated…

12. Intently studying the science of balloon-making

13. More balloon work

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