It’s Sort of Like a Baby Shower Registry…

shared by Cindy May

Bryan and Drea Thiele and their daughter Coral will be travelling in early May with 5 other people to visit both Cyrus in Kisii and Pastor Experito in Gulu.  Since I don’t get to go, my fun is in coordinating all the goodies that get to fill up more than 8 suitcases!

If you’d like to participate, all you need to do is pick an item from the list, notify me, and purchase it.  If you order it online, you can have it shipped directly to Bryan and Drea’s house. (Please email me for their address). TARGET shipping is always FREE when you use their red card, which gives you an additional 5% discount on all their merchcandise. Once you let me know what you plan to purchase, I’ll update the list.  If you want to purchase part of an item (for instance 2 bottles of B-1 instead of all 40 :), that is fine!  The list will be updated daily, so just check the site for current status on remaining needed items.

We would like to have these items by April 17th if possible.  This will allow us to pack in advance and determine if we have additional space to add more items.

Experito and Justine:
1.       Peanut butter- Skippy or Jif (6 large Costco size= 18 pounds)

"There's a reason we like to give Experito peanut butter!"

2.       Scented lotions or crèmes for Justine
3.       Carissa is their 1yr old daughter–any gift for a baby girl–gently used clothing is completely appropriate.  donated!
4.       Black and/or brown men’s dockers (khakis) waist 30 inches, outseam is 39.5 inches
5.       Electric guitar (if possible)—church requested

Experito's church

6.       Cipro and Zofran (used to treat typhoid fever–requires Rx or trip to Mexico where no Rx is required.  A couple of our Ugandan and Kenyan leader friends have contracted Tyhpoid, and they said they have felt like they wanted to die.  We’d like them to have Cipro on hand to easily treat this fever.)
7.       40 bottles of B-1– an annual supply for Experito and Justine and the 60 children who attend the school.  B-1 prevents malaria! $23 will protect 3 children from malaria for an entire year.  The best source is here: Right now shipping is free for orders over $25.  Buy two bottles, and save the $4.95 shipping cost.
8.      8  Crewneck undershirts- small size donated on 4/4!
9.      8 Boxer-briefs- 4 donated on 4/4!
10.   8 pair of Women’s underwear  (if questions, please email me)  donated 4/2!

While I was going through pictures to include in this post, I came across this one, which always makes me laugh.  (Hope you don’t mind Ed.)  Ed and Stephanie took Experito to a pumpkin farm when he was here in 2008, and once Experito had picked out his pumpkin, he put it on his head (where it belongs of course), and started walking, hands down by his side, across the pumpkin farm.  It didn’t occur to him that this would draw a crowd.

He said when he saw the people gathering to watch him, he thought about preaching a sermon (innovative approach).  Ed attempted to join him, although I heard he may need to work on his head-balancing skills.  Naturally the whole incident was captured on camera.  Such funny stories when we cross cultures.

Seggy, Mark, Ivan & Fred

Mark Lubega, Frank May, Seggy this picture...such good friends.

1.       32 Hanes T-shirts (crewneck with sleeves – 16 small, 16 medium)  10 small and 12 medium donated 4/4!
2.       32 boxer-briefs (24-size 30/32 waist; 8- size 34 waist)- 4 size medium donated 4/4!
3.       Peanut Butter- Skippy or Jif (8 large Costco size = 24 pounds) (4 provided- 4/2!)
4.       2 Cetaphil lotion (not cream)(for Seggy’s Eczema)- Kroger brand is half the price is and is the same. donated 4/4!
5.       Beef Jerky donated 4/2!
6.       Merona (Target brand) or any brand wallet- brown leather donated 4/2!
7.       Cipro and Zofran (requires Rx or trip to Mexico)
8.       B-1 (4 bottles)—see above or below for source

Children who live with Cyrus and Eucabeth

Cyrus and Eucabeth
1.    31 bottles of B-1 annual supply for 50 people to prevent malaria donated 4/1!
2.     Digital camera (basic point and shoot is fine)
3.     Underwear- children’s and adult–40 children live with Cyrus and Eucabeth. (14 pairs + 3 packages boy, 3 packages girls provided so far- 4/2!)
4.  50 bars of soap donated- 4/2!
5.  Peanut butter for children
6.  Cipro and Zofran (requires Rx or trip to Mexico)
7.  Shoes for both children and adults (gently used is fine–black dress shoes preferred for children)
8.  A couple of large bags of snack-size non-melting candy for the children. donated 4/2!

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