Pawpaws in Abundance for Allen

shared by Pastor Experito

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  John 10:10

The wild fires have not been unbearable for the vulnerable; they have stretched us to unbearable proportions. Last week in our church neighborhood, 47 huts were burnt with fire from an unknown source. We have since moved in to support them with clothes, foodstuffs and some utensils. A majority of people are now sleeping in roofless houses.

But as a miracle would have it, we had been gathering spear grass from the fields we opened for farming in Kochgoma. (This is the 100 acres of land that was donated.)

This grass has been useful to some of the victims. We then identified the most needy families to benefit from this vital offer and transported the grass from Kochgoma. Each hut will require a minimum of 30 bundles of grass. A truck can curry about 50 bundles of grass. If they were to buy it, each bundle would cost 5,000 shillings without transport. (About $65/per roof or the equivalent of 2 months’ income) Those whom we have managed to support with this roofing grass are immensely grateful.

I can also look in amazement to see that the Kochgoma land is blessing different people in unusual ways. When we harvested pawpaws, we included it on the menu to help the vulnerable victims. Allen had always desired a pawpaw, which a family of 13 could share one in a year.  She was given an abundant supply of pawpaws. It was joy in the midst of pain.

I must hasten to say that you have immeasurably strengthened us to help the helpless!! And it is in eternity that you will see how your kindness has effectively benefited the least.

Many Thanks and Heavenly Blessings,

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