Finding the One Lost Sheep

shared by Cindy May and Pastor Experito

Dear friends,

2011 was a year of much change, prayer, and careful evaluation.  We know it’s been a while since we posted, and we all firmly believe that nothing in God’s Word has changed!  (Yes, we are stating the obvious there!) We still believe God’s Word calls us to remember the poor, to pursue the kingdom of heaven with great joy, and to excel in the grace of giving, pursuing the goal of equality.

We have continued in partnership and communication with both  Pastor Experito and his wife Justine in Gulu, and with Pastor Cyrus and his wife Eucabeth in Kisii.  We plan to share news from them with you on a monthly basis. 

Below is a personal email written by Experito regarding the events of his Christmas day.  Enjoy…

I have just returned from different villages where there had been IDP (Internally Displaced People). Recent reports indicated that some elderly people are starving to death. While most people returned to villages where they lived before the war, these elderly people could not return because they had lost most of their children and able relatives who could support them. This category of people remained behind.

With that in mind, our church decided to give these people a special Christmas treat. So I travelled to three of these IDP together with Charles, an elder in the church. We borrowed a vehicle where we loaded posho, rice and beans. We also raised some money to buy them meat!!! The ministry was exciting. Some of them cried tears of joy because it had not occurred to them that God could make such an arrangement which could cause a pastor to be out of his congregation on Christmas Day!!! It was an opportunity to share with them the love of God who leaves the 99 sheep and goes to look for the lost one. We were able to minister to a total of thirty elderly people.

Back at church, Justine, had remained with other leaders to serve kids of prisoners. Arrangements had been made to go to the homes of some of these prisoners and give a special treat to these kids!!!

When we had finished our ministry to the elderly, on our way back, the vehicle experienced a serious mechanical damage in the differential. It couldn’t move any further. The place did not have a slight network to make a phone call for help. Charles walked for over twenty miles in the evening to get help. I slept in the car. It is today that we were towed to Gulu.

Justine thought I had gone with the camera. She never took any pictures. At times when I go on some risky missions. I do not curry valuables like cameras which I might lose in the process especially when the support team is small. Therefore, I did not take any pictures.

Thank you for your prayers we have all arrived alive.

Happy New Year 2012!

Hugs and Love,

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