Happy Feet…and a wish list

83 pairs of shoes

I’m pretty sure the picture doesn’t do justice to just how many shoes were donated.  I think my 4-yr old nephew may have captured it pretty well when he said, “Uncle Frank and Aunt Cindy have a million shoes at their house!”  That’s more what it felt like.

We had so many black school shoes come in (about 150 pairs) that we shipped them off to Chicago to go by container to Uganda.  (If you have shoes you haven’t yet dropped at Frank’s office, please let me know.  We can still send those by suitcase.)

Cara’s mom and her friend were also collecting shoes (in Chicago), and at last count they had more than 150 pairs as well.  There will soon be at least 600 happy feet in Kochgoma, Gulu, Uganda–feet that were previously cut or split open or infected with jiggers.

The legacy of happiness will not end with these 600 feet.  Our prayer and goal is that these happy feet become the beautiful feet that bring good news of happiness and proclaim salvation to the nations, saying “Our God Reigns!” Isaiah 52:7

Now that the shoes have been shipped, we have more luggage space. And, we have a few more things we’d like to send to Cara, Tonya, and Seggy in Uganda.  Since the Phoenix team leaves in just 3 weeks, will you please let me know if you’re interested in helping purchase or donate any of the following items?

  • 3 sets of sheets (contact me for sizes) THANK YOU!!
  • Mac laptop (Tonya’s PC laptop was fried.  We would like to replace it with a mac as we are finding the Mac protection from viruses is very important.) New or used in good operating condition is fine.
  • Skippy Peanut Butter- twin-packages (6 pounds each) from Costco THANK YOU!
  • 20 packages of mac-n-cheese (store brand for 35 cents each are great!) THANK YOU!!
  • boys’ underwear (contact me for sizes) THANK YOU!!
  • OXO potato peeler THANK YOU!!!
  • one package colored construction paper THANK YOU!!
  • single hole punch THANK YOU!!
  • first aid kit and latex gloves THANK YOU!!!
  • 2 bottles of Cetaphil lotion (not cream) in pump bottle (for eczema)- Kroger/Fry’s equivalent is fine THANK YOU!!!
  • 10 to 20 men’s antiperspirant deodorants- any kind– THANK YOU!!!
  • 2 bottles of charcoal tablets/capsules (from a store like Sprouts) THANK YOU!!!
  • B1 tablets/capsules (from a store like Sprouts)- 250 mg daily prevents malaria (we’ll send as many as are donated.) THANK YOU!!!
  • umbrella(s)collapsible THANK YOU!!!
  • light water-proof jacket (used only) THANK YOU!!!
  • If you happen to be or know a pilot or passenger who is flying through Phoenix and Nashville, we have a suitcase we’d love to get from Phoenix to Nashville by Oct 16th (for a party traveling from Nashville to Uganda) THANK YOU!!!!
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