Fetch God…

shared by Andrea Thiele

“Fetch God?” Doesn’t that sound so blasphemous, but, isn’t that what we do in a way..throw God a bone? I mean, He doesn’t ask for our left overs, He has asked for our “First Fruits.” Giving anything BUT our first fruits is blasphemous.

Here are some facts:

30,000 children died today and will die tomorrow of preventable diseases, like diarrhea and starvation. Children like these.

Here is another fact:

Last year, the American Church spent $10 billion on church buildings and programs. Buildings and programs like this:

Please understand, that I don’t know these churches (I found the pictures on the internet), and while they are hopefully reaching the lost, I just believe that there needs to be equality. So, if a church can spend $10,000 (that is modest figure) on a new sound system, or comfy chairs, or some catchy program, should it also be able to spend $10,000 to feed starving children, or house homeless widows? We try to mask it all in the name of Jesus and what we NEED to serve him better but, lets face it, when we reach heaven, I can’t imagine Jesus saying “Well done my good and faithful servant, you sure did dial in that worship mix well, and the lights…whoa…I particularly liked the the foyer with the flat screen TVs.”

Jesus will however, say something more along the lines of this if we are not careful:

“Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and you name drive out demons and preform many miracles?” Then I will tell them plainly, “I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!”

Jesus was not speaking here to irreligious people, atheists or agnostics. He was not speaking to pagans or heretics. He was speaking to devout religious people who were deluded into thinking they were on the narrow road that leads to heaven when they were actually on the broad road that leads to hell. According to Jesus, one day not just a few but many will be shocked-eternally shocked-to find that they were not in the kingdom of God after all. ~ Radical by David Platt

My heart is broken today as I sit and think of my sister in Africa, who just watched a 23 year old friend, weighing 37 pounds die of something preventable like starvation. There is NO need in the world for that to happen when we have been given so much. Our thinking is upside down. Instead of worrying about TRUTH we worry about the lies that Satan has spoon fed us in our churches today.

We also see no verse in the New Testament where God’s people are ever again commanded to build a majestic place of worship. Instead, Gods people are told to be the temple-the place of worship. And their possessions are to be spent on building, not a place where people can come see God’s glory, but a people who are taking God’s glory to the world. ~Platt

The Temple of the Old Testament full of riches. Adorned with gold, silver, bronze, and jewels.

The Temple of the New Testament:

Cara Murray (in back) and Seggy Hannington (in blue t-shirt in back) with Pastor Cyrus and the children at Helping Hands Orphanage.

We are the church, the temple of the Living God. We don’t need to adorn ourselves or our buildings.  We must grow weary of serving ourselves and start to burn with passion in serving others. NOT with just our time and talent, but with our money. We need to grow weary of our church buildings being “Well Fed”, when they are not eternal. Human lives are eternal.

We need to be passionate to want to serve and stand before a HOLY God who will say to us “Well done, my good and faithful servant, enter My Rest.”

I ask you one thing: Do not tire of giving, but do not give your leftovers. Give until it hurts, until you feel the pain. Do not be afraid of loving to the point of sacrifice. Jesus’ love for us led him to his death.” – Mother Teresa

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