God is a God full of blessings

shared by Cyrus Ogega, Kisii Kenya

Dear My Precious friends,
Greetings of joy to you this morning.
We have got good news for you that today morning we were surprised finding our new cow with a newly born calf. We were filled up with joy in our hearts for now God has provided us milk. Hope that on Monday when Sister Drea and Cara and Pastor Seggy are going to be with us, they are going to enjoy milk tea from this good cow. Blessings and be enjoying the photo.

Dear Precious Friends,
First accept our love and prayers to you all.

We praise God for your precious offer of a 4*4 vehicle to us and to the entire community.

In fact, I don’t have anything to say but to praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How wonderful it is!  Oh! My God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are blessed now to have a 4*4 Vehicle which is a Suzuki Escudo.

Our new vehicle carries 5 people that is 3 in the back seat and 1 in front seat plus the driver.  Also it has a good boot where we can use to carry stuffs from the market.

The vehicle has easily passed through the muddy roads! Formerly they were impassable.  Praise God!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, we honor your offer and just to assure you that God is perfect, Faithful and God is a God of Full of Blessings…………………..

We dearly love you all and may God fill your accounts with blessings and His riches as we hope that already we have a dwelling place in His Wonderful House…
Oh My Goodness…
May He fill you dearly.
So blessings to us all…
Cyrus and the Children and the entire team

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