He laughed and asked me if I have found money

“When I told Justin that he will be able to move out of hospital on Wednesday he laughed and asked me if I have found money. When I told him that they are sending hospital bill today, Justin said Amen.” ~Pastor Cyrus, Kisii, Kenya

13-year old Justin in the front

Justin's legs and burns

Justin and Fred. Fred is one of the older boys who lives at Cyrus's home, and he stayed at the hospital with Justin. True brothers!

Justin was born in our village.  Justin’s parents died leaving him in the hands of his sister. The sister was married and left Justin without help. Justin was attending our fellowship and explaining to us the hardship he is undergoing. Justin is now at the orphanage and he attends the school. He is an obedient, humble boy. He is a hard working boy in school who has a vision to be an engineer in the future.~Cyrus

Shared by Cyrus Ogega

Around 7:45 pm after evening devotion and supper, I was inspecting all the books of our kids on how they perform in class.

My dear wife Eucabeth was in the girls dorm, and they were having some funny with the girls and other boys.

While I was in my inspection, I heard a scream from our little sweet boy John.  Running out, I found the boys’ dorm has caught with fire. John is outside calling Fred who was in the upper side cleaning his bicycle.

Reaching boys’ dorm, I found the whole dorm has caught fire and Justin is inside trying to put off fire. Justin had lighted a match box and put on the lantern for light (there is no electricity in their village, and therefore no light after 6:30 p.m.) and all of a sudden he found a furnace of fire coming up.

I pushed Justin out and I tried to put the fire out where we found that some boys clothes have been caught with fire. The others mattresses and blankets and sheets of the other boys were almost caught with fire.  From there I don’t know what stopped fire (but the hand of God) which did not burn all the dorm, mattresses and other beddings of the boys.

So I praise God for I can’t believe what he has done. I praise him for His mercies and I praise Him for He is our God.

At around 8:25 Justin was complaining of a lot of heat in the stomach and his legs and arm.  Looking at him I noticed burn wounds on him. I failed to know what to do for we are very far from hospital, no transportation, no one to help me.  I encouraged myself and tried to carry Justin on my back to the dispensary 6 km away.  There was slippery muds on the way for it had rained, and I have pains on my leg since I tried to walk a big distance.  (The week before, Cyrus had been walking 3 hours home from the market, at about 10:30 at night, with a heavy load of food on his back.  It was completely dark, and he stumbled into a hole and hurt his leg.)

At the dispensary, we were told to go to Kisii Level 5 Hospital for the treatment. (45 minutes by car) From here I had no option than taking Justin to the Gucha Police Station where I pleaded for transportation. We were asked to wait until the order comes from the commanding boss of the station where he managed to give me a policecar which rushed us to Kisii hospital at 10:00pm.

Beloved up to now I have seen a very big change since Justin was seriously crying, but now he is doing fine a little even if he has pain.

Despite the many and lot of obstacles we do experience we are so thankful that some times you do help us to reach the goals and needs of our orphans. My board is very thankful with you all and I can’t express how much you are of importance to us all.

Be blessed and may our Living God bless you so much as we continue endeavoring over His mighty work. You are welcome here and have a nice blessed moments.

Justin was in treatment for 12 days.  The Kisii Hospital (which does not provide meals and is more than a 3 hour walk or a $45 taxi ride from Cyrus’s home) does not release its patients until the bill is paid.  Through help from friends, money was sent over almost immediately to cover the medical bill.

When Cyrus told Justin that he would be able to leave the hospital, Justin laughed and asked Cyrus if he had found money. Indeed, he had found some money!  Money that was simply redistributed abroad…

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. As it is written:
“He (the righteous man) has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor;
his righteousness endures forever.”
2 Cor 9:8-9

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