Anyone want to go shopping?!

Pastor Experito is here visiting from northern Uganda.  We would like to bless him with some things that would be very meaningful to him.  When he arrived yesterday, we discussed the items that would go in his suitcase on his return to Uganda on March 15th.  He noted the quality of things here is “very, very good”.  Most of the items can be purchased at Target or Ross.  The items he’d love to have are:

  • dress socks- black, brown
  • tennis shoes- 1 pair men’s size 6.5
  • towels (2 to 4)- darker colors preferred
  • peanut butter- 2 jars crunchy, 2 jars creamy (Costco-size: 3 pound jars)
  • 1 pair khaki pants 29″ waist, 26″ inseam
  • 1 pair black pants 29″ waist, 26″ inseam
  • 1 reversible black/brown belt, 29″ waist ($10 at Ross)
  • Lotions for wife, Justine, and for other women in the community (ladies, if you have fairly new bottles, these can be donated used…do not need to be new)
  • Butane lighters (pictured below)- if refillable lighters are available, that is preferred but not necessary.  He’ll take as many of these as he can- these are given to the community to help start fires.  He took a few back in 2008, and they were a HUGE hit!  His church often distributes matches to the outlying villages so that people are able to start fires to cook.
  • New laptop, (no software), long-lasting battery- about $500 or less.  His laptop was stolen and damaged.  If you are interested in donating a new laptop, please let us know.
  • Rain-water catchment tank ($800)- this would be purchased in Uganda.

Pastor Experito and Justine collect their water here daily. It is 2 km from their home. The Rain-water catchment tank will allow them to collect and store water, saving them hours of walking and hauling water each day--hours that can be used for much more productive activities!

We are also in need of one carry-on size suitcase. If you have one you can donate, or if you’d like to purchase any of the items above, please email us to let us know!  There will be a drop-point at 67th Ave & Union Hills in Glendale, AZ.

Thank you!

Butane Lighter

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