shared by Cindy May

In 2007, Frank and I attended a class that forever changed our perspective and understanding of God’s call to take the gospel to the nations.

The Worldwide Perspectives course (in Arizona and a few other states, known as Pathways) is offered nationally, so just click on the links below to find a location near you.  In Arizona, some classes are starting this Monday, January 18th.

Our church was introduced to Perspectives while we were partnering with local pastors in India to take the gospel to the Borok people, then a group of people who had NEVER heard of Jesus Christ.  (I can’t even fathom that as a possibility.)

It is 13 weeks in length, with each class being taught by a different teacher.   Frank and I had been involved in missions work for more than a decade when we attended, so, to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go.  Well, I am SO glad Frank signed us up!  I learned some incredible truths about the Bible the very first week.

If you haven’t already, check out the Pathways or Perspectives courses in your area.

The links to these courses are always available on the sidebar under “Videos and Reading.”

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