Did I mention I love it here?!

shared by Cara Murray

I haven’t written in awhile and I feel like there is so much I want to share.

Pretty much a typical day at work...did I mention I love it here?!

Over the past two weeks a lot has happened. I have made over 10 trips to the clinic with either sick kids or visiting those that that had been admitted overnight.

First there was Angel, my little shadow, she had Malaria. After Angel there was Moses and Fidi, her cousin and sister. Moses had Malaria and is also severely underweight and malnourished. Fidi had to be de-wormed and had an infection on her scalp. Then there was Hasifah who had Malaria and a horrible allergic reaction to the medicine. A few days later I took Roger to the clinic in the morning for Malaria and later that night after Bible club I took his sister, Gift, to the clinic as well for Malaria. Yesterday I took Fidi back to the clinic for Malaria and due to the severity; she had to be admitted overnight.

Here is Angel at my office. She came to work with me and when I gave her a pen and paper to keep her busy she laid down like this - I almost died - so stinkin cute.

Tuesday after I took Roger to the clinic I decided to bring my IPOD with when I went to Gift as a distraction for her as the doctor pricked her finger. I am happy to report that it worked. Gift was completely preoccupied when they drew blood. When we got home later I watched as each child was in utter amazement as they put on the headphones and music came out – they couldn’t believe it. They patiently shared and sang and danced as the songs came on. It may sound weird but it was so cool to see, I felt like I was in a different world. I can’t think of a child in America that hasn’t seen an IPOD and here were 5 kids having a blast over something we consider so common.

Also, over the past two weeks Bible club has started and it was been wonderful. Since there are so many girls, I split them up by age this week and had Bible Club 3 times this week. Holidays are coming up and many of the kids are going home to be with family but I am so excited for their return. I am confident that God is going to work in mighty ways through the Bible clubs. I think we will study women in the Bible when they return and then tackle the ever-so-fun topic of sex, boys and relationships. I know they are talking and thinking about it so it is time to take a look at it from a Biblical perspective. This particular topic is going to require a lot of preparation and even more prayer.

I recently visited a family that lives close to the school. As I was waiting for one of the girls to get home from school all the little kids put on a performance for me, singing all their church songs - it was so amazing! They all came to church yesterday and brought me a huge papaya as a gift!

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