I am so happy, we are so happy, Nkumba is so happy

shared by John Mugabi

Gold Mine #2!!

Today has yet been a day of good news!

We are getting 80 acres instead of 45!!!  To us this is so great, and we are so happy to expand our ministry. The new land is fertile and has matooke trees and fruit trees. Yes there is a distance of 7kms from the first 40 acres, but I and the kids will walk it and work it. I have today gone through a short cut right from Goldmine 1 to Goldmine 2.  The farm is now 120 ACRES!!!

This is a miracle. Today in Uganda land is so expensive, be it in the village or town. We are going to produce food for many, many children, and I hope that a children’s home will be built here.

I am personally so happy, and I can’t express my happiness and gratitude.  I can say that you are heros!!!  Very many children are going to stop eating from garbage dumpsters.  They are going to see a future ahead of them.  They will come for food, but also meet Jesus.  So please pray for us that we shall serve God through providing food to the helpless kids of Uganda.

I am so happy, we are so happy, everyone at Nkumba is so happy.
Thank you so much.
Brother John

shared by Cara Murray

I love it here.

As I write, I am watching my dear friend Juliet cook by candlelight – only in Uganda. The power is out again, but it isn’t stopping us.  We’re listening to great music, cooking and having a wonderful time.  I love it here.

Cara at Nkumba

From the minute I arrived, it was so clear that this is exactly where I want to be. After 3 flights, 6 airplane meals and a full 24 hours of traveling, I was greeted at the airport by Gift, Roger, Brian and Sarah – the children I love so much. I am convinced I experienced a bit of heaven right then and there.

In the few days I have been here I have taught the kids how to play Baci ball with rocks (this was fun for about 10 minutes until rocks were flying everywhere), been told by a friend that I have gained weight since June (that was awesome–by the way ladies, this is a compliment in Uganda!), taught the children how to blow kisses, and on any given day held over 20 children in my arms – and loved every minute.

Read the rest of Cara’s post at her blog…

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