Today has yet been a day of happiness!

Shared by John Mugabi

IMG_4264The VAN: Today has yet been a day of happiness to all who saw Ronald drive in our new ministry van. I couldn’t believe myself. God is so good that the problem of transport we have been facing has been solved. We hope that with this van, we are going to reach more places. It was imported from Dubai and it’s second hand, but still in good conditions. We know the economic times the whole world is going through, yet you have not given up on fulfilling the Great Commission.  When Jesus said, preach the word in season and out of season this is what He meant!! Even when we have little…

TESO: We are really blessed to have been sent to Teso to witness and see the reality of our calling. I will be leading a team of 10 men from our Ministry and shall leave on the 7th of Sep. We are going to take with us maize flour, beans, and on top of these, we are taking seeds we plan to reach out to 890 families -1000 families.  This week, three of our team members will be in Mbale booking food stuffs and making other necessary arrangements.teso2

From Seggy: “Sir,we hope you are not going to forget us and we die.” Those were the words from an old lady who came to me when I was leaving Teso after assessing the famine situation. These words sunk deep inside me and they kept coming back to me.

I am so glad today that YOU have made it possible to feed some of the people in Teso and take THE WORD to them. Very soon we are heading there and I know it will be a day of joy.

Thank you for standing with us through all kinds of contributions.  I am happy they will see us and say “Ohhhh, You did not forget us, Praise be to God.”

PRISON EVANGELISM: Prison Ministry still is very powerful, only that we had a problem of transport, so this summer only 13 prisons have been reached. 147 men gave their lives to Jesus. It’s still a very challenging ministry as we can never meet all of the needs and get to all the prisons. In all, our 9 fellowships in the 9 big prisons are going on well.

Roofing going on the stables at the gold mine

Roofing going on the stables at the gold mine

FOOD PROGRAM: At Nkumba the most felt ministry anyone would just see without asking questions is the Food Program, and we thank God for this opportunity of giving food to the hungry. As a result, many young children have come to know the Lord. I remember personally that it was food that drew me to God.

UNIVERSITY STUDENTS: I am very happy for the 9 students who are now at the University.  To all the sponsors of these students, I and they have not enough English words to show their joy and gratitude.  I quote one of them, Alex Kwagala, “For sure I know God answers prayer…Who am I to be at University?”

Jonathan and Moses Babu at the farmland

Jonathan and Moses Babu at the farmland

THE GOLD MINE: Other than getting sick with malaria and fever, all the children are in good health. We too thank all the sponsors who have bought a goat for their kids; this has motivated the children so much, that every holiday the only place they want to be at is at the goldmine (farmland). They are learning many things and pray that the hens come in soon as well.


Esther says a big thank you from the bottom of her heart.

Held by the Grace of God,

Brother John Mugabi

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