The Sacrifice Box

Today is the big day!

$22,219 is on its way to Teso, Uganda.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall of a mud hut, seeing Mr. Eugenio get to eat.  I can promise you, this would be one crying fly!

There’s a chance we’ll all get to be flies on the wall, as Seggy is hoping to be able to take some video and send it to us.  With the speed (or lack of ) and availability (or lack of ) internet in Uganda, this will be no small feat.  I am praying it works!


John, Seggy and 4 others are planning the food purchases and are heading to Teso next week.  Not only will they be taking food and seed for the next planting season, but they will also be taking the good news of Jesus.  This is THE reason we partner with Nkumba Ministries:  because to give a person food to live for a few years on this earth, while letting them head to a Christ-less eternity would truly be unloving.

We are praying for a great harvest!

As soon as we have pictures (and hopefully video), we will post them here.  Stay tuned.

Earlier this week, we received an unexpected e-mail from a young girl who lives in Australia.  Here’s the story behind the donation she and her family sent to feed the people of Teso.  I think you’ll enjoy it! 🙂  I know we did!Michaela

Hi! My name is Michaela.  I’m nine years old, and I live in Australia.  Recently my family and our cousins went to Indonesia for 13 days to see our little sponsored child.  Over there we saw lots of poor places and people, so we decided one Saturday morning to make a “sacrifice box” out of wood.

The idea is that whenever we would go without something we will put the money into the box.  For example:  If we are going to the movies on Sunday night, instead we stay home and have a game of scrabble and put the money we saved into the box.  Having the night of your life feasting on roast chicken and veggies, instead maybe have the time of your life for mum (no cooking) and have rice for the night, and guess what, you have just saved around $40 by doing those two things.Sacrifice Box

My brother Nicholas bought some music from the internet rather than buying the CD’s and the money he saved ($20) he put in the box.  I put in $2.50 at very first to start it off and it took a while for us to get to $221, and believe it or not by the time you’ll read this, it will probably have a little bit more.

But King David replied… ” I will not … sacrifice a burnt offering that costs me nothing.” I Chronicles 21:24

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  1. Gemma says:

    That is fantastic Michaela …… you should be proud 😉 (I bet God is!) x

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