A Time to Sow, A Time to Dance

Seggy sent the following message regarding Teso and the villages he visited that are experiencing famine and starvation.teso3

“There are about 700 people in each village & there are 5 villages. We need approximately $9,000 for each village.

I wish we had all the food needed at the Goldmine (Nkumba farm)–we would just load it & give it to them.  This is what sowing is all about.  Whoever sows in Teso will reap big.

Can we declare August a month of prayer, fasting & sowing in Teso? Think about it. God bless you.”

The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. 2 Cor 9:6

As we don’t have the luxury of time, we’re setting out to raise $45,000 as quickly as possible. I talked to Seggy this morning on the phone, and for reasons of economy (transporting the food, buying it in bulk, etc), we need to send the food for all 5 villages at once.

Did you catch what he said about the farm?  If it were up and running, they would simply give the food they have.  We’ve still got about $75,000 left to complete the farm.  That farm looks more and more important every day.

Seggy with Mr. Elgenio who has not eaten in 3 days.

Seggy with Mr. Eugenio who has not eaten in 3 days.

Do not think for one second that they will take this food without also taking the gospel of peace and hope and grace and joy!!  I wish you could have heard Seggy’s excitement on the phone–the big group that will go to deliver this food, to bring HOPE, to bring the gospel.  I suspect that our time to sow will be their time to dance.  Actually, it will be our time to dance, too! (Eccl 3)

This is the grass they are eating for food

This is the grass they are eating for food--at most once a day. Seggy reports it tastes HORRIBLE.

The best thing to do is to look at whatever means we have and see how we can translate that into $$$.

1. What do we have that we can sell?

2. Is there something we were going to spend money on that we can skip and send the money to those who need food, instead?

3. Do we have an emergency fund (savings account)?  This is an emergency.

A bowl of white rice would look awfully good

A bowl of white rice would be a treat

In Isaiah 58, God tells us the fast He chooses is the one in which we share our food with the hungry.  How do we do that from 10,000 miles away?  One way of sharing our food could be to take part of what we would spend on food (grocery money or eating out), and send that.  Instead of whatever normal meals we would eat, we could eat rice instead. White rice is pretty darn cheap! It may be a sacrifice for us, but it’s a luxury right now for them.

It’s time to sow.

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