Crazy Love

crazy love
If you read or listen to only one other book apart from the Bible this year, THIS is it.   You won’t want to miss it! 🙂

Click on the image of the book to visit the Crazy Love site.

Crazy Love is also the FREE audio download of the month at ChristianAudio…11 days left to download it for free!

To get a great preview of just who Francis Chan is, watch this short, powerful and funny video that a friend passed along to us! (Thanks Chris!)

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1 Response to Crazy Love

  1. ivan says:

    Really itsby grace through faith,i have seen that but i had never seen before. So need to pray hard for the sufferers ( kids in need ), i have ever exprienced that life before and thought that iam the last in that life ( to suffer) but really many more,i will always keep them in prayers as well as you.

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