Moses Has Been Made Rich!…

shared by Jenell TeVelde and John Mugabi

We all know that each of us reading this blog have been called to help God’s children in Uganda.  We want to feed them today, but more than that, we would like them to be able to care for themselves in the years to come.

By sponsoring them each month we are providing nourishing food for today, and a Christian education which teaches them of the unfailing love of our Father.  What can we do to enable a child to provide for his/ her own future?

One way is the gift of a goat…

By giving a child the gift of a goat (or two), you empower a child to provide for their own future.  The goat will belong to the designated child.  Goats multiply quickly, and with care, the child will soon have several goats they can sell or continue to raise.  When the child leaves school, up to 5 goats will go with that child.  Any additional goats will remain at the school to be given to other children, as they are ready to take on that responsibility.

Moses Babu, upon learning that his sponsor bought for him two goats, was incredulous.

Moses Babu...with his goat!

Moses Babu...with one of his goats!

With tears in his eyes, he kept saying it is impossible…impossible!  “How can someone I have not seen, not known for long, who I am not related to, ever think of empowering me this way? I am now one of the rich men in Uganda!!”

He went on to say, “Out of these two goats, God is going to multiply them into a herd of more than 500. Pastor John, it seems from your trip I have stood to benefit more than others.  May God bless that family, may he give them all they need and may God give me a chance to see them and personally thank them.”

It was at this time that I (John) discovered that Moses is a brother to Isaac Buyinza!!! It is amazing that Isaac had told and directed his (then) suffering brother to us!!!! I am so happy to now know this.

Moses and Isaac--in the background is the construction of the 6 new classrooms!

Moses and Isaac--in the background is the construction of the 6 new classrooms!

To the Sponsor of Moses Babu, thank you so much and God bless you more.

Brother John.


1.  What is the cost of these local goats? About $75 each.

2.  May I purchase one or two for my sponsored child? YES! Out of funds from the SWAP-IT project, stables have been built for the goats and other farm animals for the school. A water tank has been donated to water the goats, so we are ready to go!

3.  If I do not sponsor a child, may I still donate a goat? YES!  Many children who attend the school are poor, but not sponsored.  Giving them goats to care for and take with them upon graduating is a great way to extend sustainability to others in the community.

4.  Should any-age child receive a goat? Absolutely!  Older children will have the main responsibility for caring for the goats, teaching the younger children how to do so, and as the goats reproduce, its offspring will be given to other children at the school.  Blessing a young child with a goat will bless many other children as well!

You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God. 2 Cor 9:11-12

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