Swappin' It in 1834!

From the autobiography of George Mullerhis reflection on a donation he received in 1834.  The story of the money donated is as follows:

A lady was going to purchase a dress.  The sum she donated was the difference between the fashionable dress, which took her fancy, and one less fashionable.  So she thought, the orphans should profit by this sacrifice of her fancy.

The dear sister who would not indulge her fancy in having a more fashionable dress, but who would rather give the fourteen shillings to the orphans, has been with her Lord for more than two years.  Will she regret not having indulged her fancy in that instance?  Will she now suffer loss on account of it?  Surely not!

Update as of 6/16/09:               28,833 meals donated!

Goal:                                  2,200,000 meals total

In humility count others more significant than yourselves. Philippians 2:3

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