John Mugabi shared the following on 3/7/2009:

Dear Friends,

I am speechless.

On Wednesday, I decided to go to prison to just drop a few supplies.  I asked Brian, a new sponsored boy, (who is 20) to give me a push and also to help carry the stuff I had.  These days I do not have a car of my own so I use public transportation.

Brian Nyombi

Brian Nyombi

(Brian was first introduced in our blog post on 2/15.)

It all started when Brian asked me why I have love for those in prison.  He asked me if I had ever been imprisoned.  I said no.

As we got closer, he wept and I asked him what was wrong.  “Pastor John,”  he said, “I was told that my father died in this exact prison. I saw him once when I was 13.”



“What was his name?” I asked.

“Jackson Semadda ….”

I wept bitterly and we caused such chaos in the taxi we had to get out. (Taxi’s are vans usually carrying about 15 people.)

At the mention of his father’s name, I saw the face of his father, Jackson, in the young man himself.  Brian looks like him.  I had taken care of his father when he was in prison.  Jackson suffered from AIDS  for 3 years.  In the week he died in 2004,  he asked me to go and look for this only son (Nyombi Brian).

Jackson had said to me, “Pastor John thank you for all your labor for me,  but I think I am going to be with the Lord.  One thing I beg you though”….with little breath, he continued, ” Go and look for my son.”

I said, “Now from where how do I start? I am sorry but this is a difficult task.” Two days later he died.

Isn’t it amazing that after 5 years, his son he asked me to look for is now with me?!  What a Mighty God We Serve!!

Is there any thing the Lord is asking you to do?? Are you still pretending?? Reasoning??

We must obey Him.

Dear sponsor of Brian Nyombi, your son has the richest history…

Brother John.

Let us know; let us press on to know the LORD.  Hosea 6:3

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1 Response to Speechless

  1. Jill Perkins says:

    Wow. I’ve got tears in my ears after reading this. Yes! What a Mighty God we serve!!

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