$2,500 needed for heart surgery

Hilda, age 18- Rheumatic Heart Condition

Hilda, age 18- Rheumatic Heart Disease

Hello friends,

We were just notified today by a friend of ours, Miriam Bell, who lives in Uganda about 7 months out of the year, that this young woman Hilda is in urgent need of heart surgery.  You can read the details on a web site created for her.

Hilda is a dear friend not only of Miriam’s, but also of another Ugandan pastor, Pastor Emma in Zanna, Uganda.

She has been evaluated by Dr. Lwabi, the same cardiologist who saw Cephas Mugabi in Uganda.  Hilda will have her heart surgery in India.  The total need is $10,000, and as of this writing, only $2500 remains.

Because the need is urgent, please contact us if you intend to give so we can let Miriam know.  Thank you!

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