Conversations Under a Mango Tree



This evening as I was seated under a mango tree, Isaac Buyiza and Emma Gitta came to me, and this is what they said:

Emma first said, “Brother John, I thank God for you being there for me in such a world where all people are there for their families and themselves, in a world where people operate on a budget, in a world full of greed… I thank God for being there for me.  If it was not for the Lord’s grace where could I have been now?”

He asked me “Brother John, what prompted you to bring us here that we may experience all these good things?”



I also asked “What good things?”

He said “Praying every Sunday, feeling loved, eating breakfast, lunch and supper”…we all shed tears. “How is the Lord going to pay the people that buy all this food for us?”

Isaac then said, “He is going to be there for them at the end of this life, that is the pay…” Rain started and we ended there.

I am glad that we are helping children know and love God. ~ Brother John Mugabi

A friend reminded me this week that we are to bring our extravagant requests before the Lord.  We serve an EXTRAVAGANT Lord!  He loves us extravagantly.  We can delight in Him extravagantly.  He came in an extravagant manner (God becoming human!) to set us free from bondage and captivity…that we may live in extravagant joy!

I think I was feeling just a wee bit overwhelmed looking at the next list of things that are needed.  And she reminded me we are to enter His throne room with confidence…to bring our extravagant requests before Him confidently.

Not that it is really extravagant for children to have milk and eggs…

The Nkumba schools are growing rapidly by the grace of God.  Feeding more than 1000 children is no small task!  And as orphans keep coming, soon it will be 1500 and then 2000.  The next projects are listed below:

1) Eight milk cows with a production of 12 litres (each )of milk everyday and 4 exotic goats : $4900
2) 1000 chicken layers (egg-layers): $2400.
3) Feeding these chicks to grow up to six months: $7800
4) Putting up a structure for 1000 chickens and stables for the cows: $10,000.
5) Purchase  farm land at $12,000 (currently checking to see if any cheaper land is available).

The current Nkumba kitchen

The current Nkumba kitchen

6) Building a new Kitchen that will feed both the Primary and the High School. $8500
7) Water and power installation for the kitchen, cooking stoves and 4 big sauce pans. $7800

Conversations under a Mango Tree?  Priceless 🙂

These are not projects required by the Ministry of Education…just projects required to feed and nourish hungry tummies….projects that will be used to share the love and grace of Jesus with 1000 children–and that will prepare and provide food for more orphans as they come.

We’ve had a family offer a matching gift.  They have $4500 to give and would like to see the kitchen completed and will match dollar for dollar up to $4500.  If you’re interested, just let us know!

I pray this list of projects doesn’t overwhelm you as it did me for a little while.  When we feel overwhelmed (looking at me instead of Him!), we risk shutting down…shutting Him out.  When we feel overwhelmed, we need to pray for His compassion.  I can’t fix it all.  Only He can.

But I can ask for his compassion.  Compassion, it seems to me, is like a well.  It can be drilled to a certain depth and stop…or He can continue drilling, deeper and deeper.  Lord please give us your depth of compassion for these children, your children.  Let us be your servants in your kingdom with your extravagant joy.

Love is the overflow of joy in God that meets the needs of others~ John Piper

The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.  Matthew 13:44

…sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Matthew 19:21

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