Falling in Love Again. (Part 3)

“Unless you find out the world is evil you will fall in love with this world.  There is no alternative.”~  Michael Wurmbrand

As I was reflecting on this truth, a correlating truth began to crystallize in my mind. This earth–this earth under the curse–will never allow us to rest from helping others.  There will not be a time when we have completed our giving, when our mission is accomplished, when we can kick back and enjoy life…not on this earth. Paul says if we are to remain in the flesh, it means fruitful labor for us.

Our thinking has been deceived.  We have not really believed we needed to choose between this world and Jesus.

We thought that we could give some amount (maybe 10%, maybe more), and that with our giving “completed”, we could also continue living “normal” lives here, pursuing the goals of feeding our family three square meals a day, sending them on to higher education, living in a comfortable home, driving comfortable cars, celebrating life events (extravagantly compared with most of the rest of the world), having plenty of clothes, eating out at nice restaurants, enjoying salon and spa services, taking vacations, saving for retirement, etc.

But these pursuits cannot be elevated above loving Jesus.  Some of them will be sacrificed because we love Jesus.  Many around the world, in restricted and/or poor nations, already make these sacrifices.  And what Michael Wurmbrand said is true.  Unless we find out the world is evil, we will fall in love with it.  There is no alternative.

Jesus does not give us the option to love this world.  He says we must choose–Him or the world.  If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. So, as we choose Him, we do so knowing that our mission, our goal, our focus on this earth is not to live a comfortable life.  It is to model our Lord Jesus, who though He was rich, for our sakes became poor, so that by his poverty we might become rich.

If we have the false expectation that we can give to help the needy, AND that we can also live a comfortable life, we are believing a lie.  We are falling in love with this world. Matthew 6:24

Jesus NEVER promised us an easy life here on this earth under the curse.  He said in this world we will have trouble, the world will hate us, we will be persecuted, we will share in his sufferings.  He said we are to give of ourselves all the time, in every way, denying ourselves, loving others, no longer living for ourselves, but for Him.

He DID however promise us an eternal glory that far outweighs everything, and a rich, glorious inheritance that is imperishable.  We look forward to that day with our whole being!

Let’s fall in love with Jesus.  Life abundant is found in Him alone.  Complete joy is found in Him!.

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