Behind these Walls

The largest prison in Uganda

The largest prison in Uganda

This is the wall behind which thousands of men have met Christ.

One of the most difficult tests for any preacher in the world is talking to a man or woman who the Courts of the World have already condemned to death.

One of the reasons people fail to carry out the great commission is the fear of facing challenges.  People fear to be asked questions which answers they do not know, and others are just not comfortable when they see the challenges in witnessing.

The best Choir on earth! Death Row Inmates

The best Choir on earth! Death Row Inmates

Over the past 7 years, I have been preaching in this section of prison called condemned, and my real training as an evangelist was from here.  In here, we have a fellowship of over 150 men and perhaps the best choir on earth is found here.

These men gave all their life to God and nothing else!!!!

This is evident through their love, commitment, and quest for God.  Seven days a week they are praying and singing.   If I am not at home, this is where I want to be.

I am very happy that much of our help for prison, 70%, is used in this section.  We thank you for giving.  Because they are being kept to die, most of them who are not believers yet exchange blood so as to get AIDS, that they may die earlier.  Could you please pray for us so that we are able to meet them all with the Word?

You are a potential prisoner!

You are a potential prisoner!

Pray that God will bring hope in their hearts.

Pray for our Justice system–sometimes people are sentenced on improper investigations.

Did you know that we are all potential prisoners?  Do you know that it’s just by the grace of God that we are not in Prison??

I love Romans 8.

Pastor John Mugabi

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