Turning the Tide

To turn the tide of materialism in the Christian community, we desperately need bold models of kingdom-centered living.  Despite our need to do it in a way that doesn’t glorify people, we must hear each other’s stories about giving or else our people will not learn to give. Randy Alcorn, Money, Possessions & Eternity pg 298

We have two such stories to share this week.

  • First, we received a note from the parents of a young woman.  They enclosed a gift for the work in Nkumba, in honor of their daughter’s 27th birthday, stating that it was the only gift she requested for her birthday.

  • Second, we received a note from a girl in college.  Wanting to participate in meeting the needs of the poor, she sold some books and returned a new pair of shoes, and sent the money to those in need.

Let’s celebrate this Kingdom-centered living!

In lieu of “normal” gift giving, give a gift that keeps on giving…in eternity!  Check out the Nkumba gift cards!

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