Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Click on the cookie to listen to a short, engaging, entertaining and poignant clip of Andy Stanley’s chocolate chip cookie analogy.

From his message, “Why has God given you so much? Why has God made you rich?”

Your tax-deductible dollars at work

Fred immediately after his accident.  Nkumba Ministries paid his medical bills.

Fred immediately after his accident. Nkumba Ministries paid his medical bills.

Fred's recovery

Fred after his recovery

Fred: Fred’s household goods (clothes, a blanket and bed) were stolen after his accident.  Nkumba ministries, through gifts to the GTN-Uganda fund, is helping provide Fred with these needed items.  Fred is training to be the future pastor at the Nkumba church.

Food Program: John writes, “ We have two new members who are grands (elderly widows).  They do not have any help.  One of them came almost naked.”  Nkumba Ministries food program will provide food and clothing to these widows.

50,000 answered prayers

We both read through a book on George Muller this past week (it was short!).  Having been challenged and inspired by his dependence on God and his prayer life, I expect some things will be changing…

While we are still considering (with Nkumba leadership) how the Lord would have us respond, we will highlight a couple of points on prayer that impacted us:

  • At the end of George Muller’s life, he had recorded 50,000 specific prayers that had been answered.  About mid-way through his life, he had a list of 5,000 specific prayers that had been answered the same day.
  • He told his congregation that four hours of work after an hour of prayer would accomplish more than five hours without prayer.  AMEN!

John 15:5  Apart from me, you can do nothing.

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