Copper will do

The New Nkumba Moo-er

God is good.  For the first time a man who was in Prison for 4 years came out and gave me a gift of a big cow. He said that i should go and drink milk every day.  He was so happy to have come to Christ through our Ministry in Prison.~ John Mugabi

Iganga Prison

Prison Evangelism-includes distribution of jerry cans for collecting water!

Prison Evangelism-includes distribution of jerry cans for collecting water!

John and 8 men went to Iganga prison last week-a prison about 150 KM west of Kampala.

I was handing out water jerrycans, plates, basins and soap.  Prisoners use these cans for collecting water down at the lake.~ John Mugabi

Health & Safety Updates from John Mugabi

Islamizing the Children

If it is possible to borrow some money so that we can roof the dining hall since the rain is likely to destroy it… it is going to be ready for roofing two weeks from now.  Also we have a Muslim Inspector who is against us in every comment he makes.  He does not like our Schools to be there since we are Christians.

Remember that there are many Muslims coming in our community, and their job is to Islamize our children. This movement is on a high rise.

Cost of the Dining Hall

John Mugabi by the dining hall

John Mugabi by the dining hall

The dining hall progresses

The dining hall progresses

Our original plan for the Dining hall (half walls/ open air) was refused by the Ministry officials. I think to the level the ministry officials want this Dining hall, with $11,000 we will be done.


John and the boys

John and the boys

The boys pictured are Moses Babu, John Kinene and Daniel Sabwe who are helping in building.  I thank God so much for we have not spent a lot on labor. The boys from our Crime Prevention program (former street boys, now being discipled by John) have done a great job.

It is so amazing that in everything the Lord stands by our side. Most of the people in the Nkumba Community are so happy with all these developments.

Remaining Need

Original Estimate- $32,000
As of last week- $23,400 remaining
As of this week- $21,650 remaining (and several other gifts have been indicated, but not received yet.  For instance, one couple in WA is holding a garage sale in early September and will donate the proceeds to the school’s building needs.)

Copper will doJohn Piper- Desiring God

Why does God bless us with abundance?  So we can have enough to live on and then use the rest for all manner of good works that alleviate spiritual and physical misery.  Enough for us; abundance for others.

The issue is not how much a person makes…The evil is in being deceived into thinking  a $100,000 salary must be accompanied by a  $100,000 lifestyle.  God has made us to be conduits of his grace.  The danger is in thinking the conduit should be lined with gold.  It shouldn’t.  Copper will do.

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