14 days

This week we have some significant needs to share…but we know that many hands make light work!

2 Corinthians 8:14 At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. Then there will be equality.

Acts 2:45 Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.

Ministry of Education Health & Safety Update

Dining Hall Foundation- A multi-purpose building to be used all day

Dining Hall Foundation- A multi-purpose building to be used all day

As noted in previous updates, the Ministry of Education in Uganda has imposed new health & safety regulations for schools across Uganda.  These new regulations come in large part as a result of fires set at more than 30 schools, at least one fire claiming the lives of 20 students.

Many schools have been closed already.  The Nkumba schools have been given until December 31st to meet all of the new regulations or their boarding section (where all of the orphans live) will be closed.  We have sent $8600, and there is $23,400 in remaining need.  This is an urgent need as the funds are needed prior to December so they can complete the needed work.

Will you consider a tax-deductible gift toward the school needs?

I spoke with John this week, and he said what an incredible opportunity this is for evangelism and further outreach.  As many other schools are being closed, parents will be looking for schools for their children to attend.  The Nkumba schools are Christian and evangelistic.  Any student who attends the schools will be introduced to Christ–and their families may be introduced to Christ as well through their exposure to the school.  And, the safer facilities (required by the Ministry of Education) will attract more paying students, improving the school’s revenue.  Once the school is able to turn a profit, any additional money will be used to support other ministries like the food program for widows/orphans and the prison evangelism ministry.

It may be bricks and mortar, but it represents lost souls.

Waiting Children–updates from John Mugabi

David Mukiza

David Mukiza

Joram Musinguzi

Joram Musinguzi

Joram Musinguzi is 7 yrs and Mukiza David is 5 years old.  They are both brothers with a mother only.  Their father went to war in northern Uganda and for three years they have not heard from him. Their mother has no job and was directed to our offices by a man who heard about us. All they are putting on was given to them by our deacons.  John Mugabi- 8/10

Moses Babu’s story is amazing and he is really needy.  His father is a Somali, and the  mother a Ugandan.  When he converted to Christianity, they started hunting for him.  All his life he has been on the run until I landed on him in Kampala begging.  He actually wanted to steal from me; then I determined to buy him lunch, and we ended up talking and we are now with him. John Mugabi- 8/10

I present to you two more guys. The one is John Kinene 16 years. He has stayed on the street for 2 years, and he was a friend of Moses Babu. He lost his dad, and he is not sure where his mother is.  I gave him a hoe to plant maize at school.  He is seeking to go back to school. The other is Richard Kyabadde, a brother to Hudson Kyabadde–one we are helping already.  Richard came looking for him and has finally settled at our place.  He seeks to go back to school.  He is 17 years.  John Mugabi- 8/12

14 days

Charles with his orphaned neices and nephews

Charles with his orphaned neices and nephews

A portion of my phone conversation with John Mugabi earlier this week:

Cindy: Is Charles a Christian?

John: I’m not sure yet.  But do you know what? It is hard for me to have people in my environment who don’t know Christ.  I am sure in 14 days I will have shared Christ with him.

Just think…Charles’ and his wife may not know that their Creator has provided a way of salvation yet.  But as western Christians enable John and others in Nkumba to reach out to them, help them feed and educate their orphaned nieces and nephews, provide a better living situation for them AND share the gospel with them, they will have the opportunity to receive the best gift of all–the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

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