In Him I Still Trust…

Our Treasure

What is our treasure? A.W. Tozer suggested we may discover the answer by responding to four basic questions:

What do we value the most?
What would we most hate to lose?
What do our thoughts turn to most frequently when we are free to think of what we will?
And finally, what affords us the greatest pleasure?

Matthew 6:18-20 Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven…

Randy Alcorn, Money, Possessions & Eternity, pg 94

The piano–written by a donor to the ministry in Uganda

I was looking around our house at things we were not using, and decided to sell our piano.  I’m sharing this, because it is a God-thing.  For you see, the piano had been in my husband’s family for many years, and was passed down by his grandmother.  However, no one has played it for many years.  So, I decided, “why have a playable piano if no one is going to use it?”  Someone else could be blessed by playing it as well as a need would be filled in Uganda.  My mind was made up and the next week my husband’s step father called and asked if we wanted to sell our piano because he knew someone who wanted one.  Praise God!!!

Seggy’s life protected 3 times in one day (an e-mail from Seggy)

It was the Lord our God himself who…performed those great signs before our eyes. He protected us on our entire journey and among all the nations through which we traveled.  Joshua 24:17

Today I woke up just as any other day, and I hit the road at exactly 7am to get a taxi to Nkumba.

Reached there and did all that was there for me to do today, talked to the children and the other staff that we work with plus Mark of Uganda. I shared with them about how good our Lord is and how He does things in an amazing way. I based all this on the miracle that happened to GTN recently and how God provided for India Ministry just in a a few minutes.

Well, the day went well and said bye to everyone in the evening as I headed to my apartment. I stood by the road waiting for a taxi to drive me to Kampala, and after about 30 minutes a taxi pulled over and I embarked. The driver drove in a normal way for about 4 miles then he shot to about 85MPH (dangerous on Ugandan roads). It was so fast and the other travellers were kind of scared but couldn’t say a thing to the driver. I then shouted to him and asked him to stop.  He stopped,  thinking that I was getting off. I then asked him to slow down since all the 14 lives were under his mercy.  At this moment he got so angry and abused me. Ohhh my fellow passengers got very angry at him and they asked him to behave. People told him it was very dangerous to drive this fast. Then one passenger said “Do you know that you can kill us if the front tyre busted (bust) or if a mad person just ran into the road?”

At this moment I was feeling so bad inside. He then drove slowly and do you know what happened? Just after driving for about 2 miles the front tyre of our taxi bust.

Thank God he had slowed down and no one got injured at all, and the driver got out and shook his head. All the 14 of us just went out of this taxi and stood by the road side to get another one. I said Glory be to Lord the most highest.

Then, we got into another taxi and as we approached Kampala a mad man threw a big stone towards our taxi, and no one was injured.  The body of the taxi was dented.

I then said to myself, God is in control all the time.

Lastly, when we got to Kampala I got a boda boda (motor-cycle) to ride me home. As we approached my home we were almost hit by a speeding car that swerved off the road and we narrowly escaped.

I got home and fell down on my knees to thank God for having protected me all the way. I then asked myself whether I am ready to go home? I  would love  to go home, and I know some day I will go home but I still have lots of accomplishments to seal before. I asked God to let me accomplish them before He calls me. But the question is, Do we really know and appreciate the fact that we are missed in Heaven however much we want to be on planet earth? In Him I still trust and will forever trust.

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